OLICO's Times-Tables Challenge

The Times-tables Challenge is designed to help your Grade 4 - 9 class get on top of their times-tables. 

Learners work together as a class to develop the fluency that is essential for more complex high school mathematics. Prizes will be awarded for the highest percentage of fluency in a class and individual learners will participate in an inter-school final at UWC and Wits.

Step 1: A teacher/tutor registers their interest by signing-up on this page.

Step 2: The teacher/tutor will then receive further instructions and a class code.

Step 3: Learners log-in and join the challenge using that code.

Step 4: Learners follow the time-tables schedule and score points for their class.


Prizes will be awarded to classes in which the greatest proportion of learners are fluent in times-tables over the duration of the competition. In the final week of the challenge, each participating school will select 2 learners from each grade to send to the grande finals.  

Grande Finals:

The finals will be held at the University of the Western Cape and the University of the Witwatersrand on 1 June 2018. Learners will compete in their own grades and prizes will be awarded to the fastest learners. The tournament will be a sudden death tournament. It will roughly take an 90 minutes.