Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General FAQs 

Who is OLICO?

How do I contact OLICO?

Can I make a donation to OLICO?

Content FAQs

Who is building OLICO's online maths program?

Is the Grade 7-9 maths content CAPS-aligned?

Is it really FREE for individual users?

Can you recommend maths programs for other grades?

Teacher & Tutor FAQs

Is there a FEE for schools and projects to enrol a class?

I am a teacher and I would like to get involved?

I am a teacher and I have suggestions for improving the content?

I am a teacher and would like to know if you offer training on your program?

Can I load my past school exam papers onto the system?

Support FAQs

Does this work on smartphone or tablet?

Can this work offline?

Can I use the facebook AND google log-ins interchangeably

Education & Technology FAQs

Is technology a silver bullet?

Can I practice for National benchmark Assessments (NBTs)?

Who funds OLICO?